Diorskin FOREVER in 031

I don’t even know if I should do a “Rediscovery Foundation Series” about this. Frankly, I was so excited because at last Im going to put foundation on my face again. So, today I did and I used this foundation. Should I tell you now what I think of it??? Wait, I should tell you what happened first. So I put on the foundation, put all my makeup. Went out with the family at the mall. I went to David Jones and went to Dior counter. I just found out that they have a new-ish DIORSKIN FOREVER. They reformulated it and apparently even better than the previous one. So I guess they wiped out the old FOREVER version. I was so devastated about it. Because I was really looking forward to tell you my experienced with the old formula. But now what would be the point? I guess I have to save my money to get the new one because I am intrigue by it. I’m eager to know which one is better. You know when people say that the original formula is better than the new ones. I want to know. But dang it is so pricey $86 I think. hmm…I don’t need it right now so I will save some more money.

The old version is great! it blended well on my skin.  It lasted me 8hrs without any cake-up on the crevices of my nose and it wasn’t splotchy. The foundation did not separate. It held up well. My blush, highlighter and bronzer were still intact. This is 8/10 for me, only because they reformulated it and this foundation is no longer available in Dior counter.

Do you have the new version of this foundation?? Let me know below the comment section. Is it good? worth it? feel free to comment 😉

Thanks for reading!!

Nattynoo xx

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