MAC Mirage Noir

Hello guys! It has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that, been lazy lately and unmotivated. Anyways, it has been a while as well that i purchased some collection products from MAC. If I am not wrong, it would be the Rhianna collection. That was a very long time. I was walking at my local MAC store when i saw these collections. I didn’t but the whole lot, in fact I didnt even check all the collections, i just bought two.

Im a sucker for blushes with good packaging hehe. So i saw their Pearlmatte Face Powder in Mother O’ Pearl. I was so drawn to the pattern of this blush. Also the colours are beautiful in my eyes. When i swatched on my hand, I thought..nah. But then i applied on the apple of my cheeks, IM SOLD.

Then, i saw the bronzing powder. I thought Delphic? Wait…wait…i wanted this before. It was in one of the past collection. I think with the water tear drops packaging which i wanted so badly but then boom! Sold out!

So when i realised it..yep SOLD.


Do you guys have any of the Mirage Noir collections?? Let me know how you like them.

The packaging of these two are really nice. It come in hypnotic duochrome packaging that shifts from blue to purple. So beautiful as well.

Thanks for reading

Nattynoo xox ☺️

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