Love4food by Nat

This is my first edition of Love4food by yours truly. First of: im not a chef, i can cook to a certain extent BUT im LAZY! Yes, i am lazy. But i can cook. I let my mum have my kitchen because she loves cooking and she loves feeding us. But i would like to start an easy ways of cooking (in my own abilities) 😬😂

Last Tuesday I was in charged of dinner. I know how to cook. I was taught by my grandmother at a very young age. I still remember how she was so strict and made me cook rice at the age of 10. We didn’t have a rice cooker at that time so, I have to make sure that don’t burn the rice 🍚.

That’s a bit of reminiscing…anyways, so i had to make dinner on Tuesday. I decided to cook stir fry. I went to my local grocery shop and bought my ingredients. If u want to know more..keep scrolling down. ⬇️



Cooking oil, salt n pepper to taste

Aprox. 750mg Chicken breast

2x Garlic minced

1x Onion sliced

1x Carrot sliced

1x Capsicum sliced

Handful mushroom cups sliced

Handful sugar snaps

1x bundle asparagus

1-2 packet of KanTong chicken and cashew nuts sauce.


On a stirfry pan or wok, heat some oil (make sure it is hot)

Stir fry chicken in batches this is important so that your stir fry doesn’t go watery.

Once the chicken is done, set that aside and proceed to sautéing the garlic and the onions. Then add the vegetables, keep stirring until cook.

Add the chicken and KanTong sauce

Stir and add salt and pepper to taste. Fish sauce is alternative to salt if you like.

Serve with hot rice or alternatively you can pair it with egg noodles, flat noodles, brown rice 🍚 anything you like.

Tip: left over stir fry chicken – use it as your fried rice flavour. Just use the left over, add to the rice. There u go, You have a fried rice!

Thanks guys for tuning in

Nattynoo xoxo

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