Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection



Maybelline collaboration with Gigi Hadid has finally landed here in Australia. Since this was first launched in the US, I had the chance to watch some beauty gurus that reviewed this collection. So, I had a better understanding and made it easy for me to pick the good ones or the worthy of buying.



She came up with 6 matte lipsticks, 3 of which are nude, brown, mauv-ish tones and 3 reddish tones. I bought 4 out of 6. These lipsticks are described as matte but these are super comfortable on lips. The lipstick glide on super smoothly, it is not drying. It is not totally matte, it has some moisturising properties. I really like them. The shades are great. I have TAURA, ERIN, KHAIR & AUSTYN



These liners impressed me so much that I went back and got me some spares. These liners are super smooth, they glide on beautifully. It thrills me to use these, never been so excited putting liners on my lips. These and the matte lipsticks are great combo. I have TAURA, ERIN and KHAIR. The best thing about these liners are that they are auto pencil. No need to sharpen yayy!! And I find that they last longer on my lips. Very impressive.

Unfortunately, these are LIMITED EDITION.

from above (Erin, Taura, Lani, gel liner in black)


I bought this from the recommendation by some of the beauty gurus I watched. This if you are not careful can go all over your eyes. It is very smooth, very buttery that if you are heavy handed it will turn out messy. Light handed is needed with this liner. I apply this and I use a smudger brush. Very pigmented!


(I am missing the shade AUSTYN in the lip swatches. Will update soon! sorry)


As the name described, this palette is made to create Gigi’s natural eye-contoured makeup look. This palette creates a natural contour that defines, deepens and widen the eyes. I was so excited to open this and when I did, I was shocked how small the pans of the shadows were. The shadows were slightly powdery but I didn’t mind because they were blended ok on my lids. The packaging comes in a hard-cardboard case with magnetic snap closure.

this is the comparison of the maybelline eyeshadow pans to the ELF ones.


There is another mascara in this collection, I believe it is the sensational line but they are not new released. So, I bought this fibre one instead. Now this fibre mascara is an interesting one. The fibre side is something that you may or may not like. The fibre is like tiny cotton fibres. It is dry and the fibre bits goes in your eyes if you are not careful. This sort of gives my lashes that spidery look. Once the mascara settled on the lashes, it does not set hard and it feels light and soft. The white fibre that goes in my eyes is a letdown.


This palette is the same concept as the CITY MINI PALETTES that was released in the US which sucks because they were not available here in Australia.

Gigi Hadid’s palette’s packaging are made from sturdy plastic container. The colours swatches good. A bit powdery but I don’t mind at all.


There are some hit and miss in this collection. I’m just glad that I know what to pick so my money don’t go wasted. I am happy on the stuff that I bought and I can definitely use most of these on daily basis. I am not sure about the mascara. I need some time with it. if you ask me if these are worth the price. YES and …NO. If you are a beginner and starting your kit maybe these are not worth it. The really increased the price because of the name (Gigi Hadid) included in the packaging and plus these are limited editions. If you are a crazy/hoarder/addicted to make up then its a yes.


Do you have some of these in your collections? let me know which one stands out the most in your opinion!! leave some comments down below.



Nattynoo xx



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