BYS Peaches 🍑 & Matte eyeshadow palettes 

Hello Sunshines!! Not long ago i posted my Priceline 40%off splurged. I also went to Kmart and saw the BYS peaches palette which i have been searching for a long time. So without hesitation I grabbed one and looked at it. I noticed that there were only 3 matte shades and i was like 😱. No i need more mattes. So next to the peach palettes were the matte palettes i thought i better get one to compliment the peaches. I havent swatched these shadows and i am hoping that they are decently pigmented. 

They are worth $12 AUD available at Kmart and also at Target but i find that the prices are higher than Kmart correct me if I’m wrong. 

I will give you an update about the swatches and the performances of these shadows. 

Do you guys have/bought these palettes?? What are your thoughts?? Please Let me know below the comment sections 🤗

Nattynoo 😘 

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