Hello Sunshines! 🌞Today I am so excited to show you my NYX HAUL and their swatches. I purchased them when they were on sale at Target for 40% or maybe 50%. I was meant to post this a long time ago but with my health I just couldn’t do it. I am trying my best guys, so here are the swatches of stuff that I purchased.


These palettes describe as an “elementary eyeshadows” which is great for beginners or for someone who are new into makeup. Each mini set include 6 riches shades in matte and pearl finishes. In nude and smokey colours.

The packaging comes in a mini card board. It pretty much the same size as a credit card with magnetic closure which is nice. It feels sturdy.

Let’s look at the palettes:


NUDE: From (L) to (R)

  • It is a matte light nude brown, it swatches on me like my skin colour. The shadow is not gritty but not buttery soft. I think all shadows feels like this. There is no powder kick off as I dipped my finger for swatches or as I dipped my eye brush on the pan. Note that I haven’t used these on my eyes so I don’t know how they perform.
  • It is a shimmer peachy-apricot colour. Pigment on swatches.
  • Is a matte warm creamy white colour. I think this feels softer to touch and very pigmented.
  • Is matte dark brown, the swatches on finger and on my skin are very pigmented.
  • Is a shimmer bronze colour
  • Is a golden shimmer colour


SMOKEY: From (L) to (R)

  • Is a matte dark purple-black. It is pigmented on finger and on skin swatches
  • Is a shimmer but it looks for satiny in finish. This is a mauve-pinkish in colour.
  • Is a shimmer champagne-pink in colour. This is pigmented but chunky on swatch application. There was a powder kick off when I dipped my eye brush on the pan.
  • This is like a platinum midnight blue with silver shimmery finish. I swear I could tell that this has greyish tone to it.
  • This is a satiny taupe.
  • Is a matte cool white. This feels softer to touch and pigmented as well on swatches.

I wish I know how they perform so I can tell you now if these palettes are worth the purchased.

Price: $12 AUD  $7USD


fullsizeoutput_17a.jpegI also purchased the NYX Rocker Chic palettes. There are three palettes in these collections. “Heart of Gold”, “California Dreaming” and “Tainted Love”. There are 5 vibrant eyeshadows in each palette that you can use to take any look from soft to dramatic.




I was drawn at their brilliant colours. These are so buttery in textures and it feels luxurious!  They are not glittery or chunky in texture. They are bright and pigmented. These can be used as a pop of colour on the eyelids or can be used at the inner corner of the eyes to brighten up the look. I was so surprised by the quality of swatches so I picked most of the colours!

  • PUNK HEART “Deep plum with purple shimmer”
  • LIQUID GOLD “Deep copper gold”
  • GIRL TALK “Opalescent pink”
  • MERMAID “Opalescent mint with gold shimmer”
  • SMOKE & MIRRORS “Deep gunmetal grey with silver shimmer”
  • GOLDEN PEACH “Soft peach with gold shimmer”
  • BLUE JEANS “Cobalt blue with silver shimmer”
  • FIRE BALL “Rusty orange with red opalescence”
  • BEDROOM EYES “Deep brown metallic”
  • JADED “Deep green with light green shimmer”

They are very STUNNING shades!!! 😮 😍❤️❤️❤️

Price:  $10 AUD with 12 shades available

$6 USD with 24 shades available




  • AMBER “Deep rose”
  • SOFT SPOKEN “Pink with light golden iridescent”
  • BEACH BABE “Light orange bronze with slight gold iridescence”
  • INTUITION “Pearl pink with light gold iridescence”
  • TAUPE “taupe”
  • Powder Blush in TERRA COTTA



These are an eye catching liquid liners that are available in a range of vivacious shades. These are shimmery, long-wearing waterproof liners. Each liner has a flexible brush tip for perfectly precise, smooth application.

  • AZURE “Intense skyblue with silver reflects
  • LAGOON “Green with slight blue and golden hues
  • PURPLE “Purple with blue iridescent”
  • 24KARAT “Metallic pure gold”
  • NUDE “Metallic beige with slight silver reflects”
  • PLATINUM “Metallic silver with silver glitter”
  • GOLDEN “Smoke with gold glitter”

I found the purple patchy on application but the rest are great! The first and second stained my skin! very pigmented.

Price: $9.95 AUD  $5.50 USD



A radiant eyeliner that also doubles as an eye shadow. No pulling, tugging or fading.


  • BLACK BEAN “Black”
  • FRENCH FRIES “Pearly golden-olive
  • PURPLE VELVET “Pure violet”


noticed the two line marks on the left side? they were the aqua luxe liner 😬
  • 01 “White”
  • 02 “White Pearl”
  • 03 “Skin Tone”
  • 05 “Black”

I also purchased these palettes. I know that I don’t need more palettes but because of half priced off..I thought I get these as well for review and swatch purposes. Also to compare them to another palette that is similar in shapes and sizes. There’s always excuses right? haha! 😂


PS. I have not use all these products, so I won’t be able to tell you how they apply on the eyes and cheeks. I won’t be able to tell you how they perform and their longevity. Rest assured I will keep you updated and let you know on my post. I will definitely try these on and will incorporate them when I do my foundation reviews. So, stay tuned.

I feel that these are great addition in your make up collections. I am aware that these are “drug store” brand but waiting for the sale is the way to go. I had been eyeing on NYX products for a quite some time now and to be honest it is worth the wait when the sale is on. I don’t feel that these products are a must have straight away (like don’t bother reading my post and go straight to Priceline or Target)..I got these stuff for what 40%-50% off!! They were  bargains!. But save your penny and go crazy when the SALE is on hahaha!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored with the brand. I have no affiliates. Purchased everything with my own 💸💸💸💸

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day everyone! God Bless 😘

NattyNoo xx





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