My NARS blushes


Hello Sunshines!🌞 How are you all? I hope everyone is doing well. Today I want to talk about Nars blushes. To be honest, I don’t have that much collections of Nars unlike MAC. I don’t really know why, I guess looking at them they are not calling my name.

My first ever Nars blush I bought was the shade Orgasm. This is described as peachy pink with shimmer. This was the very well-known product that was why I bought it. To be honest, I only used this few times and that was it.

The second one was the shade Madly because I was looking for a natural looked blush, just a flush of colour on cheeks. This is described as seashell pink. I really liked this one as I have used this with any eye look. You cannot go wrong with this blush.

I may buy few more shades that I might like in the future. I guess it is worth buying. I know the price here in Australia is a bit steep 📈 compared in America but that is always going to be like that hahaha!

NARS blushes are available at MECCA Cosmetica and MECCA Maxima here in Australia.

PRICE: $44 AUD 32 shades available

Thank you for reading! God Bless 😊

Nattynoo xx

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