New MakeUps from Priceline!!!

Hello Sunshines!! 🌞 i hope everyone is doing well. Last week i went to Priceline and found out that Samantha Jade, she is an X-Factor winner and has a great voice. She made a collab with MODELSPREFFER, a brand that is owned by Priceline. The brand makes beauty stuff like makeups, beauty tools etc for an affordable drugstore price. Apparently this collab is the second one (i missed the first one). So i got curious and picked up some stuffs. 

There is a strobe to glow palette, 2 eyeshadow palettes one nude and the other one has more bright colours. She also came up with a sparkle dust trio which are loose pigments. I never had any loose pigments products in my collections so im excited. There is also a duo liquid matte lipsticks, a Gold leaf Hmm i dont know what kind of lipstick it is i but will find out for you soon. She also has a red lipstick and lip liner combo but i was not interested so i didnt buy it. The thing was, it took me a week to get these because i had to go to several outlets of priceline to find most of them. One store will only have one or two items. The others were out of stock. Apparently theres a brow set and a contour set but i couldnt find them in any stores i went in. I guess i could buy them online but i couldnt be bothered and the shipping cost so meh.

But today i found some new goodies again from the priceline store. 

There’s new CoverGirl contour palettes!! They are cream formulas and has a shade light and medium. I bought both as I couldn’t decide because they both look great…the contour shade feels great..feels blendable!..

Maybelline also has new Master Blush colour and highlighting kit and Master Bronze with four different shades. I dont know if they are great as there was no tester around. Plus the Priceline near my place does not even have these new stuff! If i didnt go out today i wouldn’t even know! I nearly forgot! Maybelline also came out with a Tattoo Brow gel tint!!! Oohhh im so excited! These are the ones that u applied on your eyebrows let it dry and peel them off. Im scared to try these on me..maybe i will test it on my mum’s eyebrows just in case..haha..poor mum…i hope she agrees to test it haha.

I also went to Kmart and Target and bought some stuffs, of course makeup again haha!

So i heard a lot of bad stuff about the brand BYS also in google i read bad stuff about the products but im curious about the BYS Berries eyeshadow palette. It sort of reminds me of ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I dont know wether BYS Berries palette could be a dupe. But it certainly reminds me of the modern renaissance. I also got the BYS blush trio, it looks pigmented, and I am curious to find out how it performs.

There’s a brand called FIFTH AVENUE also available from Kmart. I never heard of it so i got a few stuff. I bought 2 blushes and a lipstick. 

Also i found the brand Lottie London, Casey Holmes a beauty influencer that i always follow on YouTube. I love her and her reviews are great. She mentioned this brand but i couldnt find any makeups just brushes in our Target stores so i just picked the blend in brushes.

I also picked up CHI CHI eyeshadow palette in SPICE. It sort of reminds me of the new released Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I dont think it’s a dupe but when i swatches the tester on my arm…pigmentation!!! And they feel soft to touch, not gritty or dry. I was actually surprised. I wanted to pick up more but i will do my research first on which one to get because CHI CHI has got tons of eyeshadow palettes!!!

So yeah im happy with all these stuff by just looking at it. Will do swatches very soon! So please stay tuned 😊

Well that’s it my lovies! I will definitely work on the swatches and hopefully i will post them very very soon.

Thanks for reading!! God bless 


Nattynoo xx 😘 

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