An Update

Hello Sunshines!! How are you all? Hope everyone is doing great. I have not been productive for i think a month. I had not been blogging because i had no motivation to do so. For the past weeks, my back has been playing up  and the pain was just unbearable sometimes and it was just hard to think positive. There were days i wanted and planned to post a blog for makeup reviews but it never happened. I felt so down and was thinking negatively that’s why i put my blogging aside. I had been to my doctor more often than i used to and modified my medications so at least i can get by with day to day activities. So far, its working ok, not 💯 percent but better that few weeks back. I went on YouTube the other day and watched coffeebreakwithdani. She is a great beauty influencer. She does honest makeup reviews and she is one of my faves. She posted a video and she mentioned that “there’s always something to be happy about”…and i thought to myself, yes there’s always something to be happy about and that made me realised that i need to keep fighting. I need to pull myself up! especially for my kids and for my family. So now i am trying to fight back, be positive and think that things will get better, that i will get better and hopefully to return nursing. 

To all the people out there who are experiencing some difficulties in life, just keep fighting for the best! Think positive that everything will be alright. That God has a plan for each one of us. Open your door and let him in and he will guide us in the right path. Keep praying and also pray for everyone. Be humble and be thankful.

I feel ok and im planning of posting some makeup reviews or new make up in the drugstore because i have a few! Check them out soon!!!

I hope everyone is doing ok. God bless us all!


Nattynoo xx 😘 

3 Replies to “An Update”

    1. True it takes away your personality. I was always bubbly and hyper but now im not. I used to be so active at work but not anymore, i actually had to give up my work which is nursing and that sort of made me depressed. I am not used to not working. But i have to learn to accept on what is happening and try to deal with it and make myself better for the sake of my family. Sometimes i feel useless because i cannot do anything. But i need to keep fighting and think that things will get better. 😊 thank u so much for the comment. It means a lot 😊

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      1. That is such a shame, I hope you can find something you enjoy in place of your old career. Maybe it’s worth taking on a self study course so you feel like you’re busy and takes your mind off things.. Hope it all gets better soon 🙏 xx

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