My MAC Blush Collections


Hello Sunshines!! 🌞As I have mentioned on my past post, my first MAC blush was MOCHA. But it did not end there. I became very fond of blushes 😍. Like foundations, I have become very addicted as well when it comes to blushes. I feel like my makeup journey developed as I became exposed to the makeup industry and makeup influencers from YouTube, and I still am exploring and learning more. I found that makeup base is essential and became very eager to find the right one and still I have not found that “holy grail” as many makeup lovers says. Any ways back to blushes, I had just lined up my blushes collections (I did not buy these in one go) plus they are not many compare to those who has been in the makeup world for quite some time or who collects makeup. Probably these are nothing compare to them but I’m happy to share to you guys what I have got. To my surprised, most of my MAC blushes are on the nude-ish/brownish/peach shades. Why? Even myself I asked hehehe 🤣. I personally think that all of these are wearable, that also depends how intense do you want it on your cheeks. These are good for subtle looks to glam – depends on your taste. For me when I was still working in the hospital I wanted my blush just subtle. But when I had crazy mood..yeah the colour popped! haha 😂 bam on your face!!!

MAC blushes labelling

Down below are my lists of collections.  The descriptions and the finishes of the shades are from the MAC AU websites:

  • SWEET AS COCOA – Brown with pearl (sheer tone shimmer)
  • ETERNAL SUN – Warm brown (Pro-long wear, semi-matte)
  • SINCERE – Muted beige/coral (Sheertone)
  • PRISM – Muted pinkish brown (matte)
  • BAD GIRL GONE GOOD – Limited Edition from Rhianna. (satin)
  • MELBA – Soft coral-peach (matte)
  • POISED – Limited Edition Muted pinkish brown with satin finish.
  • PLUM FOOLERY – Faintly plum (Sheertone shimmer)
  • GENTLE – Raspberry with gold pearl (mineralised blush)
  • MOCHA – Soft plum-pink (matte). My fave!
  • LOVE JOY – Warm mid-tone brown with gold pearl
  • AMBER GLOW – Limited edition Warm peach with a pale champagne shimmer (mineralised blush). This can be a blush topper.



Retail Price:

$41 AUD Powder Blush -Available at David Jones counter and PRO stores in Australia

$45 AUD Mineralised Blush

$23 USD Powder Blush

$28 USD Mineralised Blush


Thanks for reading!

NattyNoo xx


Disclaimer: Im not sponsored by any company nor affiliates of any sort. I purchased all of these. The shades descriptions are from MAC AU websites.





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  1. I love it! I love knowing I’m not the only one with a lust for all things beauty! I’ll be sure to check out the rest of your recommendations for the season. I’m a sucker for natural makeup and skincare so I’m always keeping a look out for those goodies as well! Let me know your thoughts of some of my musings as well at: 🌸🌍👣🌴
    P.s. I’m also a MAC addict, shush! Don’t tell my neighbors,lol

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