My First MAC Cosmetic purchased ever!

It was 2012 when MAC cosmetic came into my life. After I had my first baby. I don’t know how but why? because after I had my baby, with the pregnancy fats and other stuff, I felt like I need to do something for myself. Like, to indulge myself with something that would make me feel better as a woman. I felt at that time I had low self esteem. Being on maternity leave at that time and staying home, theres nothing else I do only to look after my baby and recovered. That how you tube came into my life and everyday I would watch beauty gurus, makeup artists etc.

So I went to my nearest MAC counter and ask the makeup artists there. So my first bought products were MAC blush in MOCHA and MAC Satin lipstick in BRAVE. Those  were the two. I loved them! it complimented my skin between NC37-NC40. MAC blush in Mocha stays on my cheeks for hours. It was not patchy on application. MAC lipstick in Brave was something that if Im in a hurry and cannot decide, I would just pick it and would never disappoint me. I had these two products for nearly 4 yrs now and they are still going!!!. The lipstick still isn’t off which is quite impressive because I know a lipstick that I had and few months after it was off and smelled like crayons. But this MAC lipstick remains the same with the quality. Even the blush, it felt the same, the quality remains intact. After my purchased of these two, I became hooked, and keep buying lipsticks and blushes from the line. Next time I will show you my collections of my MAC lipsticks and blushes with swatches. Not a huge collections, but I’m happy of what I have got. 🙂 Something I never regret buying. I even have a back up of the lipstick because I thought I lost it haha!

There you go guys! So whats your first ever MAC purchase??

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day to everyone!

Nattynoo xx

2 Replies to “My First MAC Cosmetic purchased ever!”

    1. I didnt know the importance of lipliner too! I bought a Nars audacious red lipstick went out and when i was having lunch my lips was a mess! It was embarrasing hehe…yeah this two products has never failed me with any looks i pull off. Love them ❤️


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