NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Stromboli-medium 3


According to to where I got my foundation:

  • delivering 16hrs of humidity resistant
  • full coverage
  • designed to enhance the natural look of skin without masking it
  • A unique combination of treated pigments and flexible polymers work to create a breathable, weightless feel with complete coverage.
  • The highly blendable formula ensures that skin looks naturally flawless, luminous and polished without caking.
Packaging comes in a frosted glass bottle with black plastic lid and with a pump! yay!!. Product also contains 30 mls of foundation.

Ok, from what I can remember, This became my favourite foundation as soon as it landed on my hand. For about a year, I think this was the only foundation I kept grabbing to use. Like I said before I am a foundation hoarder, so whatever foundation came out new around that time I would just buy and put away. I discovered this after my purchased of Dior Forever, Diorskin Star and Laura Mercier Smooth finish flawless fluide. I was on a hunt of my “HG” foundation. I should have done this review in order but I grabbed the Nars first.

The reasons why I loved this product was because, It was matte on my face, full coverage without any cakeyness. It stayed on for 7-8hrs thats just around the time i finish my work for the day. There was no patchy area, I got heaps compliments wearing this foundation. It was so lightweight on my face and I never had any breakouts!!

NOW…I tried it on again. I prepped my face with moisturiser and primed well. My skin was not dry and no flakiness.

Application with damp beauty blender sponge and right off the bat i was having slight difficulties on blending it on my skin. It was like I could tell that it was not going to be good but I kept going. The foundation set really fast so I had to work with a speed. The foundation as expected set matte. full coverage? it was patchy on some areas like forehead and nose. It emphasised my pores more- ugly!.

I am so shocked and disappointed because of all the foundations I have used, this was the one that i knew it would not disappoint me. I didn’t know what happened. It could be the primer, the moisturiser that I’m currently using? Im not really sure.

My Verdict:

Well, based on my current experienced, this foundation is a “meh”.  For the price you pay as well. But my gutt feelings says is give it a go i will in the future and will give an update.

Retail price  AUD $71 with 20 shades available in MECCA COSMETICA & MECCA MAXIMA

USD $49 with 20 shades in NARS website

Have you got this foundation in your collections? Please let me know your experience. Please leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading guys!

Nattynoo xx


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored nor have affiliates. Credits to Mecca website for product info.

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