Dolce and Gabbana “The Foundation”

Dolce and Gabbana “The Foundation”-Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation in Caramel 110

So, this is the foundation. The first luxury foundation I have ever bought. I started watching youtube and one of the first beauty blogger i started following was Raeviewer and she reviews pretty much luxury items. So she made me buy some stuff which i will show you in the future. I also reads “The Beauty Professor” blog. she is also great reviewing luxury products and her swatches are one of the best!

So I purchased this online @ Harrods in UK. i just guessed that “caramel” would be the safe shade for me looking at the swatches from the blog but it turned out that this shade is maybe one or two level lighter. No one to blame because i made the judgement there.

According to

  • Product Details:
    This foundation is also called “Perfect Luminous Creamy Foundation”
    This whisper-soft cream “magically refines the skin, concealing imperfection for a smooth-looking surface and a glowing finish.
  • Recommended for:
    For those seeking a creamy foundation with buildable coverage
    All skin types, especially dry to very dry
  • Benefits:
    Luminous finish creamy foundation
    Light reflective ingredients with pure pigments
    Contains antioxidants and skin-conditioning ingredients
    SPF15 protection
    Adjustable medium to full coverage
    Available in 15 shades

My Experience:

I wish i could show you the box because it looked very luxury. It came in a heavy luxury jar. It felt sooo expensive!! haha. Truly I was in awe. It also came with a white spatula but i have thrown that away long time ago.
The story was, i purchased this. I worn to work…I didn’t like it. Period! 2hours was like a was separating on my face, forehead and my nose. Thats why this was thrown at the bottom of my drawer straight away. It was like RIP. Only revisited when there’s another one to be buried in my bottom drawer haha! To be honest, I revisited all my foundations every now and then..just checking them and swatching them..makes my heart happy just looking at them.

So this time, I gave it another go. Like I said, the shade is one or two shades lighter than me – the consequences of buying foundation online without swatching it or testing it.

*Although I know that this product has passed the expiry date I checked it again, smelled it, looked at the consistency and all that. And I was like..what the heck just put it on your face! haha! FYI I thought the foundation was still ok. no foul smell or anything bad.

The product looks creamy in consistency with no smell at all.

On the Right side of my face I used my beauty blender – bouncing method and it took a bit while to blend everything especially on the crevice of my nose. I have to add a bit of products as well. But it looked good afterwards.

On the Left side of my face I used my Etude House Secret House 121 brush – it blended quicker than the beauty blender. You get a bit coverage with this as the BB sponge soaks up products. It covered the crevice of my nose pretty good.
I had to wait for a bit so I could tell if it will set dry or not. It looked luminous and smooth but I noticed that it still felt slightly tacky.  And with my Combo/Oily skin, I had to set my face with a loose powder.
All makeup blended well with the foundation with no problem. But for me, it felt that I have makeup on. In my opinion it wasn’t light weight

2hrs later, I noticed that my nose looks slightly dry and it emphasised my pores a bit.  Aside from that though, the overall makeup still intact. I couldn’t detect any cakey-ness on my cheeks and forehead. Still looked smooth.

4hrs later, I felt that that my natural oil was seeping through a bit around my nose. I looked at the mirror and noticed that my blush and contour are still intact no fading there. It still looked really good.

Last checked, oily on my T-zone but despite of that, the foundation never look cakey.

It really surprised me how it was different now compare from the first time I used it. Maybe my techniques now is different from before. Maybe I used more product, like setting it with “loose” powder. Who knows what Ive done before. Could be my working environment..I was constantly on my feet, sweat and that. Maybe this is great when you are on a date. Not 8 hours of work.

Hourglass mineral veil primer
D&G foundation in caramel 110
Dior Star concealer #2 – under eyes
Napoleon mattifying mineral primer for setting under eyes and face
Stila contour duo
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Hourglass Luminous Light for highlighting cheekbones
Clinique colour pop in ginger pop
MAC lipliner in Soar
MAC lipstick in Faux

Makeup Geek eyeshadows were used
Maybelline Hypersharp wing liner in black
Benefit Rollerlash in black

ABH brow duo in dark brown

Mario Badescu Facial Spray to set my makeup

My Verdict:

Its nice to have a luxury foundation if you are a hoarder like me. But I think there are more great foundations out there that are affordable as well. Had the shade was perfect match for me i would have continuously use it so it wont go waste.
Longevity perhaps 4-6 hours only for oily skin. It could different if you have dry skin, maybe you would appreciate this.
Packaging isn’t my type because it can be unhygienic and being a glass jar it isn’t travel friendly.

Tip is never buy product especially foundation online if you can help it.

Thanks for reading

Nattynoo xx


DISCLAIMER: im not sponsored nor have affiliates.

Credits to Dolce&Gabbana websites for product info.

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