Darphin Exquisage Cream and Hydraskin Intensive Serum

Darphin Exquisage Cream and Darphin Hydraskin Serum

I received a Mecca Loop Level 3 maybe 2 months ago and inside i received a sample of Darphin Exquisage Cream and Hydraskin Serum. Apologies for the picture shown. Both are emptied. I already used them and now i have my opinions about them. So let’s start!

Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima are like Sephora of US. They sell makeups, skin care, hair care and beauty accessories. I am a member and you get a complimentary gift according to how much u spend. I am a Mecca Junkie so i get the level 3. So back to the cream and serum, according at Mecca’s website:

Darphin Hydraskin Serum

“An intensive moisture refill for the skin that instantly re-hydrates the epidermis leaving it supple, soft and radiant. The serum intensively re-hydrates, instantly soothes and relieves feelings of tightness.”

Darphin Exquisage Cream

“This velvet soft moisturiser quickly reinvigorates skin hydration. Formulated with a breakthrough complex and skin strengthening probiotics, the cream works to improve elasticity and firm the skin. Lines and wrinkles appear softened and the complexion takes an a radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types.”

The Hydraskin Serum, this is so weird, because for me when you say serum, it would be like liquidy-thick in consistency. But this one is more watery but u can still feel the slight thickness of it. Weird for me. So I have combo skin, so at that time that i was going to try this, my skin was patchy dry and i had some skin irritation which i still get every now and then. At this time i still don’t know what is causing the irritation. Anyways, I applied this first after my toner and my skin just absorbed the product. And quickly dried down unlike other serum that you have to wait for few minutes for the serum to sink in to your skin. but this one, boom!! Skin just drunk this boy up!!

Then after that i applied the Exquisage Cream. This cream is very soft moisturiser, not too thick. It has a very refreshing smell which is nice. So when I applied the cream it felt so nice and cooling. It felt that my skin is absorbing the cream after few minutes leaving my skin smooth. The next day i was surprised. My skin looked glowy, smooth and plump.
So this samples I got I used for a week and i was happy because my face looks so nice and hydrated.

Would i purchased this 2 products?? I’d say if i have the budget..yes. They are worth buying.

Hydraskin Intensive Serum AUD $80
USD $76 (darphin.com)

Exquisage Cream AUD $127
USD $135 (darphin.com)

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