RIMMEL LONDON Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink


This isn’t a new hyped lipstick but I want to share it to you guys because this is special for me. This is the first ever drugstore product lipstick that I bought 2-3 yrs back that i never kept at the bottom of my drawer. It was always at the top of my drawer and kept using it. I even bought a back up before because I was afraid that it might have discontinued and I would never forgive myself if I didn’t have a back up. This was those years that I haven’t tried and explored other brands-like high ends hahaha!. I have tried revlon and maybelline but never wowed me. (BTW i purchased some matte lipsticks from maybelline that i happened tried yet so wait for my reviews on that). But Rimmel moisture renew lipstick is my HG “holy grail” drugstore lipstick in Vintage Pink and in Vintage Pink only!.

According from their website this claims:

that lips feels up to 70% more hydrated
60% smoother
Contains Vitamin A,C and E for protected lips
SPF 20

I believe here in Australia there are 10 colours, ranging from nude, plum, berry and red. There are some satin, some shimmer and some frosty finishes.

Packaging comes in a typical plastic case with purple lid. The bottom of the packaging has the name of the colour and the colour of the lipstick labelled as well which i really like.

My Experienced:

I must say that at first i didn’t like it. The only reason I bought it was because I never had any colour lipstick like this. But as I kept using, it kinda grew on me. This was the first thing in my mind to use and nothing else.
In one swipe you get this opaque colour. It glides on smoothly without tugging your lips. It’s very moisturising feeling indeed. But this isn’t the lipstick that you can rely on longevity. Well Rimmel doesn’t claim that anyway. For me 2-3hours before i touch up. That’s when i drink coffee or eat in between those hours.
The colour of this is something that i cannot identify spot on because in some women it looked differently and on me it look dusty rose/mauve-purple. But the purple isn’t overpowering. I like this because i think it compliments my skin tone and can be used as daily lipstick too.

My Verdict:
It is not a bad drugstore lipstick at all, I wish there were more wide range of colours without the frosty finish. But hey, i claimed this as my HG drugstore lipstick in this finish and in this colour which is VINTAGE PINK. So i guess wait until another drugstore lipstick comes along. 🙂
Happy Sunshine everyone!

Retail price:
AUD $13.95 – 10 shades
USD $5.47 – 13 shades -wow!
Php P602 (37%off from https://iprice.ph)

Rimmel came out with new moisture renew lipstick in 2 vibrant finishes which is SHEER & SHINE. If you are interested check them out at http://www.priceline.com.au

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by the brand and by the websites mentioned above.

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